German Darts Grand Prix 2019 Betting Tips

A successful start to the 2019 betting season saw us take home 25.16pts profit from the German Darts Championship 2019. Let’s go again this weekend with our Germans Darts Grand Prix 2019 Betting Tips.


2019 Overall: +20.14pts (25.16pts – 5.02pts)

European Tour 2019: +20.14pts (25.16pts – 5.02pts)

German Darts Grand Prix: -5.02pts (34pts staked, 33.98pts returned)

Semi-Final Betting Tips

Quarter Final Betting Tips

Round 3 Betting Tips

Round 2 Betting Tips

Afternoon Acca

Round 1 Betting Tips

Afternoon Acca

Evening Acca

Evening Acca

Outright Betting Tips

2019 – Profit & Loss – Before Event

2019 Overall: +25.16pts

European Tour 2019: +25.16pts

German Darts Grand Prix: 0pts

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